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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my Park District help real estate value?
In the real estate business, the greatest asset you have to sell is the community – its overall reputation of parks, schools, and quality of life, which positively impact your property value.

How does the Park District work to keep costs down?
The Park District works to keep costs down by seeking available grants, utilizing volunteers, creating partnerships, maximizing investments and purchasing cooperatively. Your Park Board and its multi-talented staff are committed to operating efficiently. Many jobs that would otherwise be contracted out are completed in-house at lower costs, due to the knowledge and abilities of our staff.

Why must I pay a program fee?
In order to continue to provide a wide range of activities and recreation programs, fees are necessary. Fee revenues represent a significant percentage of the Park District’s total budget. Property taxes pay for acquisition, development, and maintenance of parks and facilities. The program fee generally covers the direct cost of the program -- salaries, supplies, building use, contractual obligations, etc. User fees are what enable the St. Charles Park District to provide hundreds of programs each season at an affordable cost to taxpayers.

How are my tax dollars calculated?
The property taxes paid to the Park District are but a small portion of your tax bill. These taxes are based on the assessed value of your property. The Township Assessor is responsible for determining a value on all property within the Township. The assessed value is one-third the market value of the property. Taxes paid are computed on the assessed value at the tax rate extended by the County based on a levy approved by the Park Board.


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