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Open Gym
The Pottawatomie Community Center's Conner Gymnasium is named in honor of William Conner for his 27 years of dedication and service as the Business Manager of the St. Charles Park District. Locker rooms and showers are available.

  • Drop-In Fee (1 Visit)
    $3 per person
  • Open Gym Pass (10 Visits - Pass is valid for 1 year from issue date)
    $25 per person

For open gym schedules including basetball, pickleball and preschool playtime, click here. Please note that schedules may change to accommodate Park District programs.


Looking for a place to shoot hoops? Find open gym schedules below.

  • No dunking or hanging on the rim.
  • Youth, ages 11 and younger, must be accompanied by an adult, age 16 or older.
  • No one person, team or group can rule or own the court. Players are expected to play cooperatively and fairly.
  • All players will be rotated in fairly. Players that are new to the court during a game are to be rotated into the next game in order of arrival.
  • Any complaints received regarding unfair play will be asked be the District to leave the court for the remainder of the day. This will be determined by the Community Center Supervisor.

You and your friends, ages 18 and over, can play the exciting game of Pickleball — a combination of ping-pong, tennis and badminton. This mini-tennis game is played by 2 or 4 people on a badminton-sized court using paddle racquets and a plastic baseball with holes. Equipment is provided.

Preschool Playtime
Looking for a way to entertain your preschooler while letting them use up some of that boundless energy? We provide scooters, balls, sit n'rides, play equipment such as a small slide and adjustable basketball hoop for the children and folding chairs for the adults. Children must be accompanied by an adult, age 16 or older, for supervision.

Gym Rules

  • Only water is allowed in the gym, no other food or beverages are permitted
  • Participant misconduct, use of foul language, fighting, and rough housing IS NOT PERMITTED.
  • The St. Charles Park District reserves the right to revoke membership and/or daily privileges for failure to abide by the rules and regulations without refund

In the case of inclement weather, the Park District's summer camp program will be brought in to the Pottawatomie Community Center. Therefore, open gym may be canceled on these days. If you are uncertain if there will be open gym, please call 630-513-6200.


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