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Baker Community Center Rentals

A Newly Renovated Facility!

While honoring the historic features of this unique building that was dedicated to the St. Charles community in 1926, the Henry Rockwell Baker Memorial Community Center Board of Trustees and St. Charles Park District recently renovated the facility by improving accessibility and enhancing amenities to provide high-quality services to all guests.

• Upgraded air conditioning system to include 1st & 2nd floors
• Installed an elevator making all building levels accessible
• Developed a pergola awning over the east ramp entrance
• Restrooms conveniently located on the 1st three floors
• Replaced flooring for smoother surfaces
• Reconstructed entry access to outdoor terrace
• Renovated kitchen with new appliances, cabinets & counter tops

Comments made at time of building dedication on May 1, 1926:

"A center for wholesome recreation, social opportunity, and the promotion of all that makes for noble character and upright, active citizenship."

Available Rooms

Only the first and second floors are available. Part of the first floor is home to the STC Underground Teen Center. The large open area - The Keg - is availalbe for rent.

A bit of history... Originally, this lower level included a 20' x 60' swimming pool with locker and shower facilities, three bowling alleys, and game rooms.  By August, 1940, various problems connected with the maintenance of the pool brought about its closing, and shortly thereafter it was abandoned altogether and covered over with three more bowling alleys.  All the alleys were removed prior to completion of a youth center in the 1960s known as the "Keg" and the "Roundabout".

On the second floor are the formal foyer, Collins Auditorium with stage and kitchen, Melvin Peterson Lounge and Park District Reception Desk. The Lounge contains a fireplace and portraits of Henry Rockwell Baker and parents Edward J. Baker and Harriet Rockwell Baker, painted by Paul Trebilcock of River Forest, Illinois.

The third and fourth floors house the St. Charles Park District Administrative Offices.

Rates Are Per Hour

Collins Auditorium with Stage
$50 resident & not-for-profit organizations
$60 non-residents & commercial users*
Capacity: 150 people

Peterson Lounge
$25 resident & not-for-profit organizations
$35 non-residents & commercial users*
Capacity: 40 people

The Keg
$25 resident & not-for-profit organizations
$35 non-residents & commercial users*
Capacity: 70 people

Additional Fees
Kitchen - $25/rental
Piano - $25/rental
Sound System - $10/rental
Custodian** - $24/hour
**Applicable only during non-operating hours & weekends.

For additional rental fee information, building use regulations and policies, click here.

*Commercial users cannot charge fees and gain profits.




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